Our grit, active marketing, and problem-solving magic make us different.

What’s makes us different when we sell a home? That’s a great question, and it makes me think about our core values. We value hard work and grit, and we try to solve every issue like a wizard. We’re basically problem-solving wizards.

We joke about the wizardry part, but that is kind of what it’s like as a real estate agent. You have to figure out multiple families’ issues, where they need to go, how the money is going to work out, what they should do with the kids, and how to make it all fit with their jobs. The details are endless, and the ability to solve those endless details is what makes an excellent Realtor an amazing Realtor. 

20 years ago, we put this team together and decided to specialize in individual pieces. What we have now is an approach that puts the right people in the right seats when we sell a property.

“We don’t just expect the buyer to come to us; we get boots on the ground.”

We can break it down into Active and Passive marketing. When we take on a new listing, we start with passive marketing. This means putting the house up on the MLS, the various real estate sites, and our websites. All of these sites passively show buyers listings; you can set it and forget it. 

What sets us apart is our active marketing. We’re trying to find the perfect buyer. We don’t just get hired and expect the buyer to come to us; we get boots on the ground. The stats say that the buyer of a house usually comes from within five miles of the listing, so we’re actively searching within that range. We might send postcards, do circle calling, or knock on doors. On top of that, we have a database of 10,000 people who we market to with calls, emails, and videos to showcase the properties we’re listing.

We do all of this active marketing with joyful grit because we know it takes a lot of hard work. Once we get that buyer, that’s when the problem-solving wizardry comes in. That’s what has let us do an amazing job for so many clients.

If you have any questions about this or real estate in general, feel free to call or email us. If you’re looking to sell your home, we’d love to put our grit to work for you.