If your home has an odor, buyers will be turned off. Here’s how to fix it.

You can’t sell what you can smell. You know what I mean; we’ve all walked into a home and immediately thought, “Wow, what is that smell?” It could be a funky odor, the source of which you can’t pinpoint, or maybe it’s something identifiable like cigarette smoke or burned cooking scents, for example. Many people I’ve worked with have instantly had a negative reaction to scents when walking into a home. 

If your house has a smell and you want to sell it, take action now. Work on the walls and carpets to eliminate odors that will turn off buyers. It’s a good idea to clean your air ducts too. The best thing you can do is try to make your house have no smell—make it neutral. Masking the odors with air fresheners or cookies doesn’t last very long.

If you’re considering selling and want some ‘professional smellers’ to come in and let you know if your home has a scent, we’d be glad to do it, free of charge. We’d love to help you prepare your house for the market. If you have further questions about this or any other real estate topic, reach out via phone or email. Can’t wait to smell—I mean, see—ya later!