Here’s how we ensure only legit buyers get to see the inside of your home.

If you’re considering selling your home, are you concerned you may not be able to find high-quality buyers? You don’t want random people walking through your house who aren’t serious about buying it. Today, I want to share what we do to ensure you get genuine buyers through the door:

1. We put three signs in your yard. Each sign has a different message: An open house sign, the typical beautiful real estate sign, and an informational sign. Each sign also has a different phone number so we know which sign made the person call. We receive a ton of drive-by interest from these signs. 

2. We call everyone who dialed those numbers. We call them back before they schedule a tour of your property, and ask them about the “LPMAMA” (location, price, motivation, agent, mortgage, and appointment). This is a set of questions designed to vet them and ensure they’re legitimately interested. We want to know whether they know their price range, have an agent yet, have gotten approved for a mortgage, and more.

“We don’t let just anyone into your house.”

3. Internet exposure. Many leads come to us and our sellers through online resources, and we vet those buyers the same way. We make sure they’re truly interested and won’t waste your time. 

4. We vet agents. Many buyers will already have a real estate agent, and that agent will call us wanting to set up a walk-through. We vet these agents in the same way we do the buyers. We ensure they’re working with buyers who are sincerely interested and capable of buying your home. 

We don’t let just anyone into your house. Some teams are reluctant to ask these tough questions for fear of turning buyers away, but we know those are only the ones who weren’t serious anyway. Only the right people should be traipsing through your home. 

If you’re interested in selling your house or want a no-obligation free consultation, let us know via phone or email. We would be glad to speak with you.