If you need to buy in an area where there are no active listings, we can help.

What if you want to buy a home in a place where there are no active listings? For example, say you run into us at an open house and tell us you want to move to Table Rock, despite the fact that there are no homes available there at the moment. 

This very situation happened to our team not too long ago. One of the strategies we at The Anderson Group employ for our homebuyer clients is to source ‘secret properties.’ For the client in question, we started calling homeowners in the Table Rock area and found five of them willing to show their house to our buyer.

“What if you want to buy a home in a place where there are no active listings?”

These houses weren’t on the market, but nevertheless we asked each owner the same question: What if we could present an offer to you that made financial sense, and you could dictate the closing date? They all said yes. Think about that: Before we called them, none of them were thinking about selling. Out of those five interested homeowners, we were able to identify one willing to strike a deal, and we closed on the home just last month. 

So, remember: If you need to buy in an area with no available homes, we can help. We’re not afraid to pick up the phone, knock on doors, and find the right home for you regardless of the state of the market. 

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer or have any other real estate questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My team and I look forward to hearing from you.