Here’s my answer to a common question homeowners have before selling.

Today I want to talk about a very interesting topic: The surprising truth between doing a remodel of your home and just lowering its price instead. It’s a common conundrum home sellers face. 

As a homeowner who is trying to sell, you often come to this crossroads. You want to sell, but nothing’s updated. You try to list it at a certain price but soon realize nobody is buying it, so you need to lower the price. However, most of these homeowners never crunch the numbers and get those bids to see how much improvements would cost and how much more the home would sell for if they made them.

It’s going to cost a lot less to make those improvements than it will when you continuously have to lower your price until it finally sells. The price will get chipped down, and a buyer will come in and most likely offer a lot less than what the house is worth and would be worth with some upgrades.

“Make sure you get bids from at least three contractors.”

There is a lot of value in making these updates and improvements before you sell so you don’t have to invest a ton down the road, and so you can sell for top dollar. Maybe it’s a new kitchen or bathroom, or maybe it’s some nice landscaping. These improvements will help your home sell for more. 

If you are thinking about selling in the future, make sure to get your bids from at least three contractors. We can help you with that if needed. We have relationships with a ton of great, local contractors. Something simple and fairly inexpensive like paint or new carpet can make a home feel fresh.

If you have any questions about your situation or real estate in general, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.