We recently switched brokerages, and it means great things for our team.

Today I have a special announcement to make. It goes back 18 years to when my wife and I were first starting our careers in real estate. We decided to name our company Anderson Group International, hoping we’d be able to sell real estate in several countries and travel the world. However, we’ve found ourselves mostly selling homes in Denver, Colorado… until now. 

“Anderson Group International has switched brokerages to eXp Realty Worldwide.”

Until recently, we’ve been part of a very localized brokerage, but a few months ago eXp Realty Worldwide became available to us. They’re a global brokerage, not a franchise, that currently does business in 19 countries and is growing at a rate that’s never been seen in the real estate industry before now. They’re currently growing by about 1,000 agents per week across the globe. So six months ago, we decided to leave the great company of Keller Williams and move Anderson Group International to eXp Realty Worldwide. 

We’re thrilled because that means our clients now get global exposure, have a network of 75,000 agents (and growing), and the agents on our team get to expand their business. eXp believes they’ll get to one million agents within the next eight years, which is excellent because not only are we localized, but buying real estate all over the world is also much easier now. eXp is a cloud-based company, and we’re excited about that because it’s not fixed to just one location. As real estate transforms into a more technology-based industry, you’ll be able to move, buy, and sell more quickly and smoothly.

If you have any questions about eXp Realty or want to know how this will affect our clients, just reach out to us via phone or on our website. We can’t wait to serve you at the highest level that’s ever been possible for us.