Keeping your lawn looking and feeling fantastic isn’t hard, but it does require action in every season.

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Here is a simple lawn care regimen I follow that’s sure to yield great results:

1. Fertilize in the winter. Sometimes, I even go so far as to water my grass (in Colorado, a few 60- or 70-degree days can poke through in the heart of winter) just to add a little moisture if the weather has been particularly dry.

2. Aerate, fertilize, and water in spring. I’ll rent an aerator from Ace Hardware or Home Depot and clean it before using it on my lawn. I don’t like trusting someone else to aerate my lawn because their aerator is likely hopping from lawn to lawn and spreading diseases; that’s often why you’ll see brown spots suddenly develop. I aerate the lawn, then use a simple $10 spreader to fertilize my lawn with chicken or turkey poop (it’s healthier than the chemical stuff). After that, I’ll spread a hardy, Colorado-based grass seed—I’ll spread a generous amount over the whole area.


3. Fertilize in mid-summer. I’m back out there with the chicken poop, making sure that the lawn keeps its rich, green feel.

4. Aerate, fertilize, and seed in the fall. I repeat basically everything I did in spring. The following spring, my efforts are already made visible: The grass appears thick and healthy with luminous color.

I hope this yearly cycle can bring boons to your yard. As always, reach out with questions or concerns regarding this or any other real estate-related topic. I look forward to hearing from you.